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1 John 3:18 - 24

Guest Minister:  Rev. Rebecca Mincieli

Watch Our Online Service, January 17, 2021

This service will be Pre-Recorded.

Environmental Justice Study
Date: Jan. 10 - Jan. 31
Zoom Discussions: Sundays, 7:00pm

Leader: Dr. Kristen Welsh Unwala 

Join us for a four-week study, led by Dr. Kristen Welsh Unwala, where we will learn and grow in our understanding of the most critical environmental issues in our world today.


Week 1: Solid Waste, Plastics, and Pollution

Sunday, January 10, 7:00 pm

Americans produce an estimated five pounds of trash per person on average. This trash must be disposed, and recycling efforts are typically not enough. In this week we will discuss the solid waste that humans produce, with particular focus on non biodegradable plastic trash.  

"United Methodists are called to a ministry of reconciliation between God, humankind and creation. In and alongside frontline communities experiencing environmental injustices, we are participating in God’s healing of creation. Through acts of personal, social and civic righteousness, United Methodists are modeling a new lifestyle and advocating for God’s people and God’s planet so that all God’s children can share in the goodness of Creation.” - United Methodist Church & Society

Youth Group News
for Middle School and High School Students


January 17, On Your Own at Home,

Community Service:

Cookie Baking for St. Paul's Soup Kitchen

(Bake 2 dozen homemade cookies or brownies to support St. Paul's Soup Kitchen! Drop off goodies at our church by 2:00 pm Monday.

January 24, 10:30-11:00 am:

GodSquad Only: Sunday School/Youth Group Combo Zoom

January 31, 10:30-11:00 am:

GodSquad Only: Sunday School/Youth Group Combo Zoom

Please be Part of Our Online Services!

We are looking for people who would be willing to take part in our online worship services by recording yourself and/or your family members at home. There are several ways to participate. For example, you could read a passage of scripture, read a responsive reading as a family, light a candle, sing a song, or play an instrument. You can choose to do an audio or video recording. Please let us know how you would be willing to help.